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Ridingtoo RT1

  • Innovative idea: A creative idea to keep your team or family in contact in a extremely handy and convenient way
  • Wearable Accesory: A wearable PUSH TO TALK button that can be attached on your finger or handlebar. It does not get in the way of your outdoor sport activities, it is safe, you can focus on your main activity and stay in contact at same time
  • Off-grid Communication: Based on wireless technology, the Ridingtoo achieves instant intercom even out of service
  • Practical & Stylish: IP67 waterproof and 8 hours battery function to be the choice for outdoor activity. 64 grams only, an extremely handy and fashionable design, instead of being bulky as traditional walkie talkies
  • Features: Intercom + Enjoy Music + Phone Call Receiver. Pair your Bluetooth earphone with Ridingtoo and smartphone at same time. You won’t miss anything.



How does the product come in package?
The product comes with a pair with several accessories in a kit bag.
How do we set up the product?

Please find the Youtube video links below to learn about the product set up, for more details please refer to the user manual in the package.

What do we do if many Bluetooth interferences around during the Bluetooth pairing?
Keep Ridingtoo and your Bluetooth earphone away from those Bluetooth interferences or turn those Bluetooth devices off, and activate the pairing. Then you can avoid the interferences to pair them up.
Is the product legal or regulated?

Yes, it its. Ridingtoo RT1 has different versions for different areas, it has U.S version for U.S marketplace with 22 channels for U.S free license regulation, it also has E.U version for Europe marketplace with 8 channels for E.U free license regulation. For China, Australia etc., it also has the versions related.

Can Ridingtoo RT1 communicate with regular walkie talkie?

Yes. If you set the product at same channel/frequency with your walkie talkie, within the range required they can communicate each other.

Do we have any ways to get more channels for testing or trial?

Yes. Ridingtoo RT1 has engineering mode, to extend the channel quantity to 99. Power off the device and reboot the device by PRESS AND HOLD SETTING BUTTON + POWER BUTTON. Then you can see 99 channels in the device. The channel is extended by interval of 12.5kHz.

Does the product come with Bluetooth Earpiece in package?

No. The product doesn’t come with Bluetooth earpiece but single wire earphone, users can use or test the product with the wire earphone in package, but for the wireless feature, please choose your favorite Bluetooth earpiece as personal preference.

Youtube Guidance

Exchanging the Remote Battery

Bluetooth Earphone Matching with Host Device

Remote Matching with Host Device

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